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Hi, first of all i want to congratulate you for making an incredible music player! :)  It is truly awesome and my library of 5000 songs is easily managable. I just have two requests/ questions. First of all i have made a perfect sleep playlist of about 1000-800 songs that i have constantly perfected and fine-tuned within the player, over a long period of time. Its so good that i want to move it over to my ps3 to have in the backround. Problem is the files are spread over different folders on the device and external sd card and exporting an m3u file would be difficult. It would be do-able if the files were in the same directory as i would be able to edit the playlist to reference to the new folder. So request one is to be able to backup or move/copy all the files that are in a specific playlist to maybe a zip file? Request two is to be able to apply crossfade to certain playlists in the sameway you apply eq presets (crossfade is great for sleep playlists but not so good for faster music) . I understand this may sound insane but these two features would be great and they would make your ace player even better!


Thanks in advance 


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