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crossfade time LONGER please


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hello there, please could you add longer time for the crossfade lenght please?? at the moment it is 15 seconds only the longest you can set up, I think longer up to 60 seconds (yes, 1 complete minute!!!) could work much much better on some types of music, for example ambient and some types of classical

if you don't want to give us longer crossfade, is it any way to tweak it?

thank you

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hello again,  still you have not made the crossfade longer up to 60 seconds 💔 

In the LIBRARY section, what about a new option:

Ignore large tracks with duration larger than - turn off by default, and when you enter the option:

* Don't ignore - include all

° 5 minutes

° 10 minutes

° 15 minutes

° 20 minutes

° 25 minutes

° 30 minutes

this could work when you want to shuffle your entire music collection but you don't want to enter to a deep mixed set, podcast, audiobook or just want to jump randomly with short tracks

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@Neto That might be a handy option in Shuffle settings to avoid Podcasts or Audiobooks turning up during music shuffle sessions, but I can't see the point in the general Library views. For shuffling, I now avoid using 'Shuffle All Songs' for that very reason. Instead, I use the Shuffle icon at the top of the relevant Folders Hierarchy view, to ensure that only my assorted music subfolders get shuffled.

But what has this got to do with longer crossfades?


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