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Slider / Manual fast forward / Manual advance


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I've been using Poweramp for quite some time and I'm more than happy. I won't go into the highlights of the app as we all know them pretty much. I'll go straight to issues / features requests:


1.I read somewhere that there is an option to have the song stop, whether you play it from a playlist or folder, and not play the next one automatically. I don't see this in the "Repeat" menu.


2. In order to fast forward or fast rewind a song one can long press on the respective buttons. However, this is kind of slow. What I do is using the slider i.e. progress bar especially if I wanna go to the beginning or the end of the song. However, I notice that this is not very accurate and I'm having problems as the progress bar occupies the whole screen and cannot easily set the marker at the beginning or the end with your finger. I propose a smaller progress bar (so the finger has still some space to slide back or forth before reaching the end of the screen) and a bigger marker, like a dot or so that shows the current position at the progress bar.


I am using the full version of Poweramp (2.0.9-build-548-play) on a Samsung Galaxy S3.


Thank you in advance for your consideration.



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Posting to agree with OP's second point - the slider for adjusting the song's position is very inaccurate right now.

What I'd like to see is maybe something similar to the iOS music app where the bar is smaller so you can reach the beginning and end points, and instead of a touch-to-jump mechanic, maybe implement a dot which the user can control to choose the position of the song so it becomes more accurate.

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