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  1. A lot of people use automation apps like Macrodroid or Tasker to start Poweramp or other musicplayers when driving f.e. But how to stop them automatically when you arrive? Unfortunately newer android versions do not allow to kill other apps on non rooted devices. With Macrodroid however you can kill other apps through their notifications. This works perfectly with Poweramp. Macrodroid taps the "x " for you.
  2. First my excuses for calling you "Rene ". Was still early in the morning. Just tried again. Everything ok. Random bugs are hard to chase. Thanks again, Andre.
  3. Situation: You run PA with Vis. disabled. You reboot and start PA again. PA shows correctly the last played song and shows the correct picture. Bug (or is it a feature?): when you tap the visualization icon it is set to normal again. That is not what I want. Thanks Rene
  4. The workaround worked. Thanks ! OTAH while testing I found another bug. Look into Bugs....
  5. Sometimes it is better to have a belt and suspenders....-
  6. Thanks for your reply. Was my fault. I found out. In 3.0 the last point in the new menu is "settings ". In this menu the third point is "Visualisation ". I had disabled anything there. Was not enough to get rid of the f..... visualisation Wolfgang
  7. Thanks Andre, I know how to delete a playlist and normally it works like you described. I just tried out again in 3.0. The bug is that a very big playlist - say 100000 titles - can not be deleted. Seems to be a database problem. You can create such a super big playlist by adding all titles several times to the same playlist. I have about 50000 titles and added them by mistake 2 times to the same playlist. Please try out and report the bug to Big Max. Thanks again Wolfgang
  8. The described bug in 3.0 (see my post upthread ) is still there...
  9. Hi, I am on 2.0.10 build 588-play Full Version. and on 3.0 beta! I accidently created a playlist of nearly 100.000 titles. I can not delete this list. When I push the "x" button PA waits a few seconds and goes then to the main screen. The Playlist is still there. No big deal, but still a bug. I could help myself if someone would tell me where and in what format PA stores playlists. Seems to be a mystery. I created a playlist and then looked for the name in my explorer, without success. My device is rooted.
  10. I am beta tester on 3. The album cover disappears after a second and I have visualization although I disabled it. A workaround is to keep the menu window open. I installed 3.0 beta just now. The bug is still there!
  11. For volume try out the Volume Control App by Rubber......Gave me a volume slider right in the notification bar.
  12. Andre, thanxs for the fast response. I know of course that most of these apps are one man projects and that they generate not enough income for more. Just as you moderate her for the fun I translate MACRODROID from English to German. Give it a try! Bye Wolfgang
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