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Need help with setting up album play order


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I just upgraded to a new phone, reinstalled Poweramp, but cannot get it to play my albums in alphabetical order. No matter what I do, it plays all the songs in my entire music file in song alphabetical order.


I prefer to go album by album.


Thanks in advance for any help,


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No need to enqueue anything, just select Library>Albums mode and click on any song to start playback (starting playback from there is important, if you don't do that you are only changing your current browsing view, not the actual playback sequence - it's not very intuitive, but you get used to it).


Then back in the Library's Albums view, you can use the List Options menu option to set the sort order for your Albums, and if you then view the contents of an album (tracks) you can use that same List Options menu to set the sort order for the tracks within the albums (both of these sort orders can be changed independently, it's quite flexible).


Oh, and ensure that your Repeat mode is set to "Advance List" - again, that's not exactly an obvious choice, but if you don't then Poweramp will stop at the end of each album rather than carrying on to the first track of the next one.



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or have a look at my app Playlist Manager by theoklink in Google store. It allows you to create playlists by album, tracks, whole folders and many other mp3 tags. 

You may also like to "add random album or track" feature.

ps. search for Playlist Manager by theoklink as I am not allowed to put url's in here.



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