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Suport google music or other cloud streaming

Claudio Edge

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HA!!!! One year later and you guys still haven't done anything. Ask them for progress they say planned. Ask for timeline, they say planned. Get your act together devs. Its either you can do it or cant. No shame in admitting it.

A year? It's been far longer then a year. They have said 3.0 has been coming for several years and streaming would be a part of that build. It's BS. Haven't you figured out yet that this app is now the same as Launcher Pro? They made millions and now just say "coming soon" for any real feature changes but never deliver. It's been almost two years for Google music and several years for streaming. Do a forum search. They can't even lie about it anymore, there are so many two plus year old posts with "coming soon" in version 3. 3.0 is Vaporware at this point. Just search the forum and honestly I would love to see a dev try and respond to that search with all its old posts of "coming soon".

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