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  1. Hi I am able to see new update in Mi app store and I use beta APK file, non-Google Play distribution version. I am not able to find any updates on official Poweramp site about the same. Just want to confirm if it is official.
  2. I don't think that adding built-in support for Icecast and Shoutcast streaming mean that Poweramp would become entirely a Radio Player app. It would simply mean that Poweramp users would be able to stream online radio directly from within the app, without having to switch to a dedicated Radio Player app or any other music player. Also, adding built-in support for Icecast and Shoutcast streaming would not change the core functionality of the app. Poweramp would still be a file-oriented music player, and users would still be able to play their own music files from their local storage. Adding a built-in streaming browser would simply give users the option to listen to online radio directly from within the app. This would be a valuable convenience feature for many users, but it would not change the fundamental nature of Poweramp as a music player. @maxmp please consider it
  3. I suggested as I felt it's necessity. And having it within the Poweramp app would be a great experience Rest is on dev team as they are well aware of how it gonna be and what challenges to come. Sooner or later I am ready to welcome this feature. Thanks for your response Raalapas
  4. I am kindly asking the Poweramp development team to consider adding support for Icecast and Shoutcast radio streaming within the Poweramp app. It would be cheered by many users, it may sound old school feature, but I personally see it as a great way for music discovery beyond listening. Suggestions for how Icecast and Shoutcast streaming could be implemented in Poweramp: Add a new section to the app's library for streaming radio stations. Allow users to search for Icecast and Shoutcast streams by genre, country, language, or keyword. Provide information about each stream, such as the current song playing, the genre and other tags/metadata. Allow users to save their favourite streams for easy access.
  5. It would be so great to have cloud integration for streaming directly from Googledrive, onedrive, dropbox etc.
  6. @maxmp Just updated Poweramp Equalizer and the first thing got my attention was search search and filtering presets and AutoEQ 😍. Thanks for this wonderful app.
  7. @maxmp @maxmp 😍Wow, when I can expect this build in my Poweramp app? Extremely desperate to try this out. Would it be in both Poweramp music player and equalizer?
  8. It would be very convenient to have AutoEQ integrated within the app rathar than importing files from external space, and keep scrolling. Also the integration would allow us to search for whatever profile we want because as of now if we want to avoid scrolling through out the long list then we are bound to import only profiles thst we need but this restricts us from trying other profiles. For reference this feature could be in a way like we have in Wavelet, Neutron Player and JamesDSP, etc. have.
  9. Would consider it next time, rebooting phone for third time worked. Well, thanks for giving your time and providing all the ways to troubleshoot.
  10. It's happening with all the play I tested with Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify. And now with Poweramp it is worsen when I am trying to play it feels like music is being rammed in very thin pipeline and ultimately it gets chocked and stops.(Please my words may not sound technical but this is exactly what I am experiencing) It is size restrictions here otherwise I have posted screen recording.
  11. DVC is enabled only in PowerampEQ but not in Poweramp player. Till now dolby atmos is enabled system wide. Device: Redmi K50i (Android 12, MIUI 13) Poweramp: Build-944-bundle-play[944004-e2cd4c77] Full version 64 bit PowerampEQ: Build-938-bundle-play[938004-47bdb35] Premium 64 bit
  12. Actually I came to this forum after going through the troubleshooting suggested to me via mail, I already reinstalled both apps twice.
  13. Whatever you suggested is already there, everything is working fine but the issue is only when I open any other app except Poweramp equalizer sound starts crackling. It works fine when I am on home screen of android or my screen is off. There is the issue. Hooe you understood what I am actually facing.
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