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  1. I did as stated above: I found another player which works perfectly, no media stutters, Rocket Player by JRT Studio. So, why are Google Play Music / Rocket Player working perfectly but not Poweramp?
  2. After a couple days without a comment i have forgotten about this thread, sadly the link posted by the moderator isn't helpful. Thought a forum like this exists to communicate with the developer... nope. I just want to know one thing, why do i have media stutters with Poweramp and a dozen other music players but not with Google Music? What's the difference between Poweramp and Google Music?
  3. Poweramp: 2.0.9-build-561-play Device: Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 Android Version: 4.4.4 Custom ROM: CyanogenMod 11 The well-known media stuttering, with a twist. Poweramp and other Music Players stutter while i'm browsing through Google Play Store or load newssites via Webbrowser (Naked Browser Pro), tried with in-built CM Kernel and 3 others (Googy, Alucard, KT), no changes. Audio Buffer @ +750ms, Audio-Thread Priority @ Highest, no changes. Still stutters like a lunatic. BUT, Google Music works flawlessly, no media stutters. So, what's the difference between Google Music and Poweramp? Th
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