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Improvement for Genres (multiple)

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This is the best player by far, what would make it perfect for those who have large library organized by multiple genres would be the following Improvement :


Multiple genres examples:

Electronic; Trance; Progressive

Classic; Modern


Special genres examples (further grouping):

Electronic; Chill; Psy; +Vocals

Electronic; Trance; /Melancholic

Electronic; Downtempo; +Vocals

Electronic; House; +Transition


  1. Option to change the way Genres are shown in the browser :
    1. Separated (Ex. All songs with vocals)
      • Electronic
      • Chill
      • Psy
      • +Vocals…
    2. Concatenated (Ex. All Psy-Chill songs with vocals)
      • Electronic; Chill; Psy; +Vocals
      • Electronic; Downtempo; +Vocals…
  2. Allow more complex search within Genres (AND, OR, NOT…)






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