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  1. @andrewilley That would be a good feature to have, but I'm just trying to help until they add that feature. Also, I organized all my by my somewhat custom genre tree I made (took as long as tagging the music itself). I would still like to have a grouping feature although. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aDj8R6A0AJQcrh6cMF0T5p9g3bBVYQuO/view?usp=drivesdk
  2. @andrewilley For sure. I'm in full support for any new feature that can be added to the app. You could move those podcasts and other things you don't want to play on shuffle to a different folder then exclude that folder from being scanned. Then, you use a different music player solely to handle them.
  3. @andrewilley Addressing your concern about the "Fluffy Pink Cuddly" genre, the parent genre would be set on whatever the user puts as it. So lets say they made "Pink Cuddly" the parent genre grouping it would go in the app like Pink Cuddly: Fluffy Pink Cuddly and the genre tags on the song would just be "Fluffy Pink Cuddly". Say if a genre wasn't programmed in the app it would go to "unknown genres" until it is programmed into a parent genre by the user. Do you make a playlist for those other songs to exclude Radio and Podcast? If so, adding every new album to your library to that playlis
  4. @LABB I just want it to at least be able to group with one parent genre like Metal:Epic Doom Metal, but it would amazing if they could get it like folders but with multiple genre support and it be like Metal:Doom Metal:Epic Doom Metal.
  5. @andrewilley Folders don't support multiple genres though. I mean I could just manually edit every genre like Metal:Heavy or Electronic: House:Tech. I don't even want to estimate how long that would take. I know it would take a lot less time to manually enter in the genre groups like in Musicbee lol. Also, I always see you on here, how do you look for that certain album?
  6. @andrewilley This is feature request forum right? A feature where you can also group things together would be amazing. It would be managed through the app and not the tags. The tags are the subgenres and Poweramp would (if it was added) group them together by parent genre. This is not anything that's impossible. It has been done before.
  7. I look through what album I am going to listen through genre, and I have everything sorted by subgenres. If the subgenres had the ability to be sorted by genre category everything would be much easier to find. So instead of the my music library looking like the 1st link it could look like the 2nd link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_5rzt489-5o2zn6G2uFmO3cQ7UlDAxN6/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_4_zVGW1tKFoI-5VN429kOvOj58qz1do/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oQhBH6OnLMk4iXXJCdsDYXbs3Sdc_LxS/view?usp=drivesdk The 3rd link is how Mus
  8. @andrewilley Yea I know what you are saying, but if Poweramp would make the queue when you click "all songs" or something and if you were able to shuffle and edit the queue like in Musicolet it would be pretty cool. If I want to listen to a playlist or all my songs shuffle I use Musicolet. I'd recommend it over anything if you don't care about multiple genres on an album. I rarely ever use playlists anymore. I just listen to an album start to finish which is why I switched to Poweramp in the first place, it makes it easier to find an album I'm looking for. Thanks for the tips about the playlis
  9. @andrewilley The playlists do that too? I thought they had to be in a queue to be able to move them up and down. I still wish it would automatically put the playlist/album/search in its own queue.
  10. @andrewilley I like how in Musicolet it automatically makes a queue for a playlist and you can remove/add songs to the queue and also change the order. Poweramp's could definitely benefit to having multiple queues to save where you was at in a playlist. Musicolet also had an option where you can shuffle the queue which was great for whenever I was using a playlist because in the upcoming songs I could remove them or move certain songs that I wanted to hear up the list. I used to use Musicolet until I switched to Poweramp for multiple genre support.
  11. I use MusicBee to organize and tag my music, and MusicBee separates the sub-genres I add to it like the first picture, in 2 different lines. Poweramp only reads these as one and only reads the first genre. It would be nice to not have to re-edit the tags into on line like the second picture just for Poweramp. If there is a way to make MusicBee save as one genre as the default or have Poweramp read multiple genres lines, please tell me both of these music players have a ton of features.
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