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  1. Thanks Andre. Still, how does it work in the non-reverse sorting? That is what confuses me. I understand your point, but why does it only happen when the list is reverse? I take that PA uses the same tag/file information when it does the reverse listing? Also, do you have ANY info on the whole multiple genre things? It is getting on my nerves that there is one responds to this simple request.
  2. Hallo, TL:DR; reverse sorting of albums when using reverse listing does not sort properly. I'm a big fan of listing/sorting albums based on the date the album was add to Poweramp. This works fine with these settings: The list is sorted without reverse, which means that newly added albums will be listed at the bottom. However, I would like to reverse this, so that the newly added albums are on top of the list. But this does not work. Here is what it looks like when the sorting is set to reverse: Bottom of list: Top of list: As you can see, it seems q
  3. Hi, Poweramp lacks this very basic feature. There are lots of thread on the problem, but tldr, Poweramp does not parse multiple genres separated by ;, / or whatever. Instead, it just reads 'Techno; Dance; Electronic' as a single genre. Foobar2000 android already has this feature. It has been suggested at least since 2011. 6 years later, Im still not able to find a proper answer from the devs on this issue. Would seem like a small fix, if the codebase is flexiable enough. Switching to foobar2000 till this is fixed. Thanks for a great music player.
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