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gapless improvement


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Max, you had indicated to me a couple of things about the silence trimming function to improve gapless playback. You said it would be possible to expose the settings around that functionality so that the user could adjust how aggressive the trimming is. My trial has expired but I was wondering if this feature is present in the current version, or if not, when it might be implemented. Maybe I am one of the rare people for whom this is important :-)

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You do get gapless playback using flac files.


FLAC is natively gapless. So is OGG. But I'm still happy about my choice of going with MP3s many years ago for many reasons, a couple of which are:

(1) nice filesize for nice sound quality, and

(2) lots of software available for trimming, ID tagging, sound enhancing, organizing, etc.


However, in recent years, the playing field has become more level for the various music compression formats. We've got Neil Young, for example, pushing ultra high standards in something called Pono that uses FLAC.

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People who appreciate gapless playback are not all that rare, I would think.



The feature is present, but it's not able to give truely gapless playback, not on my device with my MP3s. See my report on this, here:



I have a Sony Xperia M2 and I experience the little gaps when the screen is off. If the screen is on there are no gaps at all! Weird.

Oh by the way, your report is very useful, thanks!

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