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  1. I started a thread called "Album Art Primer" that you might want to look at. Search for "primer"and you should find it.
  2. I tickled that other thread to the top. Same general method as Andrew.
  3. I put a method to do this in a thread last week. Search for "Playing all songs" and you should find a method.
  4. It (sales) will drop a lot faster if they release a buggy app. Ask MS how Vista went.
  5. It is not really a "mass" converter, but I use Audacity. It is shareware so it does not cost you anything to try it. Works under Windows. Handles a lot of different formats. The worst problem with it is the learning curve. It is audio and video and takes a while to figure out how to do what you want to do. There is a forum but even that is big. Good luck.
  6. The license is tied to the email account not the device. You are legal for all devices that use the same email. Some people/some countries can not use Google Play so a different purchase method is required. Use Google Play if you can. PA checks when you first download and a second time within the first 2 or 3 days. Once it passes those tests it does not check again under normal operation. Turning the phone off and back on does not require an internet connection once the second test is passed.
  7. The trial and paid versions are the same. Will Windows Media Player play the file before you transfer it? I've never had an mp3 file that won't play. I suspect the file is corrupted somehow.
  8. There are more options to shuffle, not just Off and On.
  9. I like to do the same thing. The trick I've found that works for me is to alphabetize the folders. Also make sure PA is set to "Advance List" and "Shuffle Off". One thing you need to understand is that the only folder name that matters is the folder the farthest down the tree. The final folder. The folder that contains the actual music files. Parent folders to these can be many or none and have any name. So for the Beatles, for example, my final folders are named: Beatles 05 - Please Please Me Beatles 10 - With the Beatles Etc., etc. Beatles 55 - Abbey Road Beatles 60 - Let It Be I number by 5
  10. OK, I think I might know what is happening to you. First, I put a second reboot into the list but that is not YOUR problem. I THINK what happened goes SOMETHING like this: 1. You put a new album into PA and had PA find some art. This art was placed in the ...\album_art folder. This art was wrong. SO: 2. You found acceptable art and, using PA, selected this art for the album. This put the new art into the ...\selected_aa folder. 3. You deleted the pamp file. Note - omit this step in the future! I did this and Lo and Behold (and I would call this a bug) with art in BOTH folders for the same a
  11. I did a post called "Album Art Primer" a while back. Look at that and if you have any questions I'll try and answer them.
  12. From the player screen, press the phone menu key then: Settings - Folders and Library - Export Poweramp Playlists That will export them into file based playlists.
  13. Do you have the shuffle turned on? Touch the player screen then bottom right to cycle through the options.
  14. Yeah, on both things. The lists seem to get cleared sometimes. I haven't figured out just when it happens. I export the lists so I have a copy when they disappear.
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