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Found 14 results

  1. I have a compilation of mp3 files that I found online. When I play them in continuous mode there is an audible gap between tracks with no crossfade enabled. When I enable to crossfade non-gapless/non-cue tracks, PA crossfades the comp even though there are gaps of 2-3 seconds between tracks. Checking the tracks info/tag, none are marked as gapless, though it is a continuous compilation of individual tracks. My question is how does PA determine whether a track is gapless? And how could I mark or tag a track as being gapless? I checked both tagscanner and mp3tag but didn't see a 'gapless' tag.
  2. While playing seamless audio loops, it sometimes sounds gapless then other times theres like a small distortion for a small time which happens when replaying the track I think the buffer needs to be abit larger for me on my Motorola Nexus 6 Android 7.1.1 stock Could you provide an option to allow us to change the buffer size? I'm assuming it's buffer size issue related that has been the most common reason for this in my experience on small files, in my case it's 13 second's track length Maybe it's another problem I didn't have this issue with version 2 Thanks
  3. Max, you had indicated to me a couple of things about the silence trimming function to improve gapless playback. You said it would be possible to expose the settings around that functionality so that the user could adjust how aggressive the trimming is. My trial has expired but I was wondering if this feature is present in the current version, or if not, when it might be implemented. Maybe I am one of the rare people for whom this is important :-)
  4. Hi, I've just downloaded Poweramp for my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, running the latest version of Android 4.4.4 on it and I'm after noticing a big gapless playback bug on it. I'll try to go into as much detail as possible... What's happening is, I listen to a lot of gapless albums, mostly dj mixes that don't have any pauses on them between tracks, and what I've been experiencing problems a lot now with random split second pauses between tracks and choppy/jumpy transitions. All these albums in question have been ripped from cd using iTunes and this problem only happens when I'm playing the album
  5. Gapless Lossy Glitch A light audio glitch/pop that occurs during a track segue ONLY while using lossy formats. The glitch occured everytime while using these formats: LAME MP3 Constant and Variable Bitrate Apple AAC/M4A Constant and Variable Bitrate Note: The files playback perfectly on iPod/iTunes/Foobar2000 This glitch did NOT occur for these formats: WAV/CUE WAV FLAC Apple Lossless Information: Phone: LG VOLT Android: 4.4.2 Poweramp 2.0.10 Build 575 CD Source: Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine Retail CD from 1989. Ripped using EAC (100% Accurate Rip)
  6. Hello Currently I'm using the Xperia E1 and I don't have gapless audio when I listen my music using Poweramp, before using this phone I used the Xperia Mini Pro SK17 also with Poweramp and it worked perfectly, then I change the phone, I must say that I use the same micro sd card, a 32gb Kingston class 10 I've checked the configuration, and yes, the gapless audio is activated current version of Android in my Xperia E1 is 4.4.2 and the version of Poweramp is 2.0.10-build-571, if you need more info please just ask I hope you can help with this issue, thank you
  7. Hello. It is possible that someone give some advise on how and the best parameters to do with all the audio settings and the advance tweaks ,, please. Thanks H.
  8. Hi there, really hoping somebody can give me a secret-sauce recipe to fix my problem. Samsung Galaxy S4, recently updated itself to kernel 4.3 When playing techno or Pink Floyd where the songs are intended to blend together, Poweramp inserts a brief "pause" command when switching from one track to the next. I know it's a "pause" command because my car stereo is showing the command and then it quickly disappears as Poweramp moves on to the next track. This behavior does NOT occur with headphones plugged in. Strangely, I have seen Poweramp not insert the pause on a couple of occasions w
  9. Perhaps this isn't exactly a bug per say, but it is an annoying issue regardless. I read where when it comes to AAC playback, Poweramp rely on the itunes mp4 atoms tags, and Poweramp is incapable of gapless playback of raw aac streams with the id3 v2 tag. HOWEVER, Poweramp seems incapable of playing Nero AAC encoder files (with the aforementioned atom tagging done by itunes itself >:{ The NeroAAC encoder is used by many programs for encoding and in some cases playback, and it is quite upsetting that if we want proper playback of aac we have to resort to fully re-encoding and tagging in
  10. So I feel a little silly asking this but. I was wondering if anyone has been able to achieve gapless playback with AAC files encoded and tagged with anything other than iTunes? So far I have seen where it's mentioned that Poweramp uses on the atoms style tagging used in said software, however it appears that they also must be encoded directly with itunes as well which is extremely limited in options. I have been using the nero AAC encoder through foobar2000 (nero and itune aac files being the only one to support gapless themselves {since last I've read anyway}) but... creating them
  11. There seems to be a lot of questions about this, but I've not seen an answer yet. Does anyone know how to get gapless playback to work with MP4s when using Poweramp? I ripped a few CDs using Nero AAC, which played back fine in Poweramp. However, the playback wasn't gapless. There is a small break of a few milliseconds between songs, which, when listening to an album where one track seamlessly transitions to another, is quite disruptive to listen to (at first I thought that Poweramp was hiccuping on the tracks). Are there any tags I can add to the files? The reason I'm interested is tha
  12. Downloaded Poweramp for the Nexus 4. Sounds fantastic--best of the ones I've tried. But unfortunately the lack of gapless aac is a deal-breaker for me. When you have a mix CD that blends the music track-to-track, it's amazing how disruptive that few millisecond pause is. Neutron supports gapless aac perfectly, and for me the non-disruption of gapless wins over the better sound from your app. I hope you can add this feature sometime soon, so I can use Poweramp for all my music. (BTW, thanks for adding RealplayGain.)
  13. Swapped my iPod Touch 32gig 4G at Christmas for an LG Optimus P500 (budget buy ay NZ$180.00) and am really well impressed with the phone's features and performance - particularly compared with the able performance of the iPod. Well, it didn't take long to find that the packaged music player - whilst OK, really didn't cut it for regular use. So the search began. Finally settled on PlayerPro, principally based upon reviews on the Android related forums etc.. Initial experience was good, VERY good. I purchased and began using it, very slick UI, excellent artwork handling, great Equalizer and grap
  14. The "gapless" playback works well including the fades. Very cool. However, there are some albums that benefit from a gap between tracks of several seconds. It would be nice to have an option to select a gap between tracks in addition to gapless.
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