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How to add lyrics in MP3 with ID3 tags?

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You need a program which will let you save lyric tags, or ideally will allow you specify the tag name yourself so you can save any info you want against any tag name.

I use foobar2000 as my music player when I'm at my computer, and it allows me to specify the name of the tag and save any text against it. Lyrics should be saved in the "UNSYNCED LYRICS" tag (but without the quotes).

Unfortuantely Poweramp still doesn't handle these lyrics very well, and you will need to go into the menu and select "Lyrics" every time the track changes. The contents of the lyrics window should change automatically with the track IMO! This is a source of great annoyance for me.

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Thanks for the reply Ska. I tried minilyrics, mp3 tag, winamp, to insert the lyrics. But Poweramp, jetAudio and d native player of samsung can't find/open it. Get stuck here.

Actually what i wanted to do is just like the winamp in my PC with a lyric plugin installed. When a song is played it just search in

my Lyric folder a text with the same name with the song and it just display it...

I think this still can't be done in Android. This is my main purpose of buying Poweramp but why it can't be done?

Or there are ways to do this? Please help, anyone?

Thanks and God bless!

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