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  1. Hi, Does anybody have any tips or tricks to getting cuesheets to display a thumbnail in the Folder view? I have Folder.jpg image files in each folder along with the *.cue file and the *.mp3, and have also tried Cover.jpg and AlbumArt.jpg filenames for the image. The image is picked up fine by the main player screen, but is not used in the folder listing. Normal albums (folders containing *.mp3 files & a Folder.jpg) display a thumbnail as I would expect. The end result is quite untidy - some folders have thumbnails, some don't. I'm positive this used to work in an older version of Pow
  2. Editing the UNSYNCED LYRICS tag would we great. Also, it'd be nice if the lyrics panel automatically changed when the track changes!
  3. How much does the bribe to MaxMP need to be to get the Lyrics display fixed?
  4. This used to work perfectly in much older versions of Poweramp. Lyrics used to appear over the album art and would change automatically when the track changes. These days it's a lot of hassle. When the track changes I have to close the old frame, go into the menu, select lyrics again... repeat ad-infinitum. Is this likely to be fixed any time soon? Even just re-reading the lyric tags and refrshing the current frame when the track changes would be a MASSIVE imporvement.
  5. Users still need to go into the menu and select "Lyrics" every time the track changes. Would be much much better if the lyric pane updated automatically!
  6. You need a program which will let you save lyric tags, or ideally will allow you specify the tag name yourself so you can save any info you want against any tag name. I use foobar2000 as my music player when I'm at my computer, and it allows me to specify the name of the tag and save any text against it. Lyrics should be saved in the "UNSYNCED LYRICS" tag (but without the quotes). Unfortuantely Poweramp still doesn't handle these lyrics very well, and you will need to go into the menu and select "Lyrics" every time the track changes. The contents of the lyrics window should change automaticall
  7. I have also expressed a number of times that I would like the lyrics to change automatically with the track. Having to use the menu to select the lyrics for every new track is annoying to say the least. Use the "UNSYNCED LYRICS" ID3 tag.
  8. I'm hugely excited about this for some reason! The anticipation is killing me.
  9. Is there an ETA for a version with better lyric functionality? Preferably working in the way descibed above by Tones2: It's been over 6 months since maxmp said this feature was being worked on. But at the same time I don't want to seem impatient! You guys are doing a great job.
  10. <UNSYNCEDLYRICS> tag works with MP3s in my latest version of Poweramp ( I have never tried this with FLAC though. Edit: I've just found this thread. It looks like it won't work for FLAC. Sorry.
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