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dsp manager not working with Poweramp


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good day guys. since i upgraded to stock jellybean, i can't get dsp manager to work with Poweramp. i really need the dsp manager for it's virtualization that's all. i don't need its eq and other stuff because Poweramp's eq is already great. i just miss the dsp manager's virtualization for 3d sound.


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In build-519 we added support for platform-wide audio effects (MusicFX as called by Google on stock Android). While on vanilla Android MusicFX mostly duplicates Poweramp DSP with somewhat lower quality and higher battery consumption, some OEMs or ROMs can provide additional functionality, such is:

- on new Sony devices custom Sony implementation is used for Headphone Surround, xLoud, and ClearBass (equalizer seems to be the vanilla one). Btw, Sony TX has one of the best sounding audio in general from our experience.

- some CM ROMs ("some" - as we can't test all of them on all devices ;)) have own custom DSP implementations

As for any other 2.3+ Android devices, MusicFX seems to be the "stock" Android implementation (5 band equalizer, bass enhance and stereo-wide/reverb).

HTC adds Beats as MusicFX effect on some Sense 3.0 devices, but on Sense 4.0 it's a "global" effect, out of MusicFX API scope.

Stock Android 5 band equalizer is somewhat a lower quality comparing to Poweramp 10 band equalizer - it's not just band number, but implementation - sources are open, and we can see no optimization for ARM mobile CPUs nor basic audio quality techniques as noise-shaping or dithering. It's basically a bare minimum to allow OEMs to build on top of them and enhance, but only few OEMs do that at the moment.

The MusicFX option is disabled by default on all devices, except Sonys, and can be enabled in Poweramp (build-519+) settings => Audio => Advanced Tweaks.

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Hi Magadaner,

I have some confusion.

Per Google Play, the latest version is 2.0.7-build-515 and was updated on 2013 Feb 19.

Per your provided link above, the version is 2.08-build-522 and was updated on 2012 May 31 (released 8 months earlier than 2.0.7-build-515).

Please help tell me which one is actually the latest version ( 2.0.7-build-515? or 2.08-build-522?)

As I bought the Poweramp Full Version Unlocker from Google Play and my Poweramp is now on version 2.0.7-build-515, can I directly download it from the link and then install it as 3rd party app in my phone? Should I uninstall Poweramp first before installing 2.08-build-522?

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Hi Jimmy,

I saw such a inconsistent display in Playstore more than once (for different apps). This seems to happen during upload of a new app version.

I guess in few hours the state in Playstore will be consistent again (and likely show an update for Poweramp)

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