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  1. thank you for your help magadaner. more power...
  2. hi max, thank you for your reply. my Poweramp version is 2.0.7-build-515. so you mean this is not the latest version? but there's no update available in the play store. so how do i avail of build 519? thanks and more power.
  3. bro, that is also my problem but it was answered by magadaner. i copied his answer below. i just don't know why the license is being checked after 24 hours when it was already checked upon purchase and installation. "Poweramp license is checked in first 24 hours after purchase, and if the Google Play Store check is successful, then it's never checked again, unless Poweramp is reinstalled/reset."
  4. thank you for your prompt answer magadaner. i remember i reinstalled it so i guess that's my fault. but i'm just wondering why the license is being checked in the first 24 hours when it was already checked upon purchase and installation. as for SRS etc, i don't mean a third party sound enhancement. i'm talking about a sound enhancement inside Poweramp.
  5. to the developers: Poweramp must only verify license upon purchasing and installing. after that, it must work flawlessly. i bought the app but from time to time, when i have no internet connection, it showed cannot verify license in settings then after a while it won't open. please, stop this non-sense. i live in the countryside and i don't have internet connection regularly. thank you and i hope this problem will be answered. p.s. why do most of the other music players have a virtualizer or 3D options or SRS but Poweramp don't? please include this in your future upgrades. stereoX is not doing
  6. i hope max will include virtualization or 3D effect in Poweramp's next release.
  7. please max, include a virtualizer or a 3D effect in the next release of Poweramp. thanks.
  8. good day guys. since i upgraded to stock jellybean, i can't get dsp manager to work with Poweramp. i really need the dsp manager for it's virtualization that's all. i don't need its eq and other stuff because Poweramp's eq is already great. i just miss the dsp manager's virtualization for 3d sound. thanks.
  9. bro, i think ios version won't be approved by apple because they will be cannibalizing their ipod function.
  10. can you include a reverb effect in the next update? in dsp manager it's called virtual room. it really enhances the sound quality. stereo x is not enough. thank you..
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