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  1. I have the same problem since few weeks. Before (I use Poweramp since 2011) I never observed this. I don't know if it came with latest Poweramp 853 or the update of my S10 to Android 10, I guess the latter one triggered the problem.
  2. Two issues I found with this alpha build: - From time to time it suddenly stops playing (in the middle of a song), could not reproduce or find out why this happens. I never observed such behaviour with the playstore versions - Sleeptimer: "Play last song to end" is ticked but Poweramp stops playing just after the configured time and doesn't play till the end of the track. This behaviour is strictly reproducible.
  3. Hi Jimmy, I saw such a inconsistent display in Playstore more than once (for different apps). This seems to happen during upload of a new app version. I guess in few hours the state in Playstore will be consistent again (and likely show an update for Poweramp)
  4. @Max: 2.0 Beta3 is great! Seems that a little feature I really like was lost: "- added song number/total counter (Settings => Look And Feel Tweaks => Show Track Counter)" (was added in 1.3 build-342) Could you add it again? Thanks, Thomas
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