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New Odd quirk


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Some background, then a question....I first bought the application for my Droid 3 phone running Ginger bread and really liked it. I had to replace the phone and reloaded the full version on my new Droid Razor HD...running ICS to begin an as of yesterday Jelly Bean.

The app advises the frequency of the file being read, ie; 44.1, 88.2, 96 etc...It does not list the word length, a failing IMHO.

I had no problem playing any of these files on the Droid 3...On the new phone I seem to be able to play up to 88.2 BUT, 96hz produces artifacts,a clicking easily heard.

Does the app really support high rez files like these or does it down convert the file to the CD standard? (all files are WAV or FLAC)

As Motorola provides zero data on the Digital to Analogue Converter, I have no idea if the DAC is the same, better or inferior to the one in my old phone...

Has anyone else had this problem?...Is the problem one of compatability with the ICS or Jelly Bean operating systems?

It is rather annoying.

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Playing 96khz flac requires about 2.5-3x processing power from you cpu, comparing to playing just the same flac (or other lossless format), for the lossy format, overhead is even higher, thus, if your cpu is slow/busy with something, it may be not enough (also for heavy to decode formats as APE). You can try to raise Poweramp Playing thread priority to avoid skips (Poweramp already applies larger buffer for such tracks).

We improved this part for Poweramp 3.0 which is in development now, but the improvement applies only in part that Poweramp now able to resample any format with almost any possible sampling/bit width combintaions out there (Galaxy S3 plays 192/24bit OK).


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