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  1. Thanks, that seems to have solved it (At least through powered speakers)...I appreciate the quick response
  2. Thanks...how do you raise Poweramp Playing thread priority?
  3. Some background, then a question....I first bought the application for my Droid 3 phone running Ginger bread and really liked it. I had to replace the phone and reloaded the full version on my new Droid Razor HD...running ICS to begin an as of yesterday Jelly Bean. The app advises the frequency of the file being read, ie; 44.1, 88.2, 96 etc...It does not list the word length, a failing IMHO. I had no problem playing any of these files on the Droid 3...On the new phone I seem to be able to play up to 88.2 BUT, 96hz produces artifacts,a clicking easily heard. Does the app really support high rez
  4. Thanks, though that does lead me to ask, how come the next time I open the app, it begins where I left off??
  5. I know this is silly, but I cannot figure it out. I have two music players I use on my android phone, one for music on the phone (Poweramp) and one for music sourced from my PC (an App called Gizmo from J-River)...Here is my problem. I cannot figure out how to quit Poweramp to shift to the other program...All I seem to be able to do is put Poweramp on hold. I have no idea what that does to my battery life. How does one turn the app off and on??
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