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ShoutCast/Streaming Web Radio

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I just purchased the Poweramp app today, after reccomendations from my friends.

It's a great app, but i've also just reinstalled Winamp Pro.

I'd love to make Poweramp my one app for all music on my phone, but I can't. It doesn't stream web radio - with Poweramp's ability to play almost any local file, it would be great to see it integrate support for streaming Windows Media, MP3, RealMedia as well as AAC streams - no other app does all this at the moment.

Winamp's major limitation with shoutcast/streaming is it's inability to stream AAC+ which means i also need Tune In Radio installed on the phone.

I understand that must sound like a lot of work for your developers - however - as an alternative, perhaps it would be easier to partner with someone like Tune In so that in their next update Tune In users will be able to use the Graphic EQ and other effects of Poweramp? (perhaps DI/Sky could join in on that party too) That would be awesome!

Infact why can't all sound played on the phone be routed through Poweramp? I guess that would require root access :(

I listen to a lot of online radio, and I just want it to sound better!

Great app by the way, it looks terrific.



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Max's original position on this was that he wants PA to play the best quality audio possible, and he has been putting more effort into support for lossless formats and high bitrates etc from the local file library, rather than lower-quality web streaming functions which are much more about convenience than quality. I believe some streaming options are planned for future releases, but not sure whether that will include shoutcast/etc.


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On 5/30/2016 at 3:31 PM, jkeeeng said:

Need to use other much worse apps to listen to radio unfortunately.

Neutron Music Player is a great general purpose app for audiophiles, with many advanced features like hi-res decoding, parametric eq, stereo crossfeed, etc., which also plays shoutcast streams in mp3 and aac+ formats, although they can be slow to buffer and start playing. Another great stream player is VLC for Android, which is very quick at starting a stream, but quite basic in other aspects.

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I have bought Poweramp in the Android App Market (yes, in the market, it's been a while) and then used an iPhone until now. Only to see that we still have no streaming in Version 3? :(


Are you sure these honestly super cool visualisations are more important than streaming? Sure it's cool to have the ability of exchanging .milk with Clementine. But it's nearly useless if I'm completely honest with you.

I am a DI.fm premium member, which means 320KBit/s streams for me... So soundquality is not an issue when streaming. That's like saying MP3 sounds better than AAC when there is no mentioning of bitrates (@mickey).


I would even look into purchasing directly via PayPal again, as I get much longer battery runtimes without the Play Store, so consider it.


Some kind of weird to only see such a small kind of people requesting this, probably because of the network providers and the limited amount traffic they oftentimes allow. Still we've got an ISP over here, which offers unlimited, only capped 1MBit/s data since a few months. It really changed the streaming game, because listening to music streams all year long via LTE/UMTS is finally possible.


I haven't got that yet but I will once I can. And then I will need shoutcast for Poweramp :)

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