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Is there a way to rename bookmark items?

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hello there

I'm not talking about modifying track tags.

For example, I bookmarked the timestamp where the lyric 'hello' appears.

Then, the bookmark list only shows the values of the tag fields, such as track number, title, artist, and album, according to the existing list settings.

Therefore, it becomes difficult to find the desired item when there are multiple bookmark items or when different timestamps are bookmarked on the same track.

Is there a function to add a bookmark name or description when adding a bookmark or after adding it?

I think it would be really convenient if the bookmark description was displayed along with the tag field value of the track in the bookmark list.

Is there a menu or option related to this that I'm missing?

thank you

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No, sorry, there's no way to add information or detailed notes about Bookmarked items.

I think the original concept was just to remember and restore a particular song at a specific position, not to annotate multiple songs with various comments in the same way that you might use post-it notes to mark various pages in a book.

I'll move this thread to Feature Requests anyway.


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