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How to recover accidentally deleted audio files

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Hello, I accidentally deleted half of my audio storage with Poweramp because i thought that i was just deleting a playlist.

This situation annoy me and I want to recover those audios, for free.

Could someone explain to me how to do that ? 

It would really brighten my day...


The deleted files are on my Samsung M31

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If you have a backup then you can restore from that, or you could copy back from your original master copies on a computer perhaps? But otherwise, unless your device has a Recycle bin for files deleted from apps, then unfortunately overriding the warning prompt and opting to Delete Files rather than just the deleting the playlist entries is not reversible.


If the files were on an SD Card, you might be able to use a disaster recovery program on a computer to find and restore the deleted content, but try to avoid writing anything new to the SD Card in the meantime.

@maxmp Perhaps the wording in the warning prompt could be changed slightly to reduce the chances of this happening inadvertently? Suggest a tickbox to confirm file deletions:


Remove Entries?

Selected entries will be removed from the Playlist/Queue. Song files will not be deleted from storage unless you confirm below.
         Also Permanently                         [ Remove ]
                     Delete Song Files                          [ Cancel ]

When the user ticks the box, the 'Remove' button wording could change to 'Delete'.


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