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add webardio m3u playlist

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Once I added a playlist of webradio stations. Now, months later I would like to add another webradio playlist. But I forgot how I did it. I can add a playlist under Playlist. Then I could enter a url but the m3u file is local. What do missing?

Yhank you.

Sorry, I just figured it out. Just open the m3u file with Poweramp. Somethimes the answer brings when writing down the question. Still love this app. Couldn't imagine to use anything else.


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Although I have another question. After I edited the playlist in Poweramp, how can I save the new playlist in order to import it for instance into my TV Box?

Another point: The first playlist I imported into Poweramp received logos from the Radio stations. But not from the current playlist.

Edit: I think I got it: Share - X-Plore and it saves it as m3u8. The Logos appears when I play a station. So, with that I think I have everything I need to edit my playlist.

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Sounds like you've figured it out, but basically streaming radio stations are identified by a web address (URL) that broadcasts the content via a "shoutcast" style stream. That direct URL can either be entered into the 'Add URL' option in the Streams menu, or it can be included as an entry in a local M3U (or PLS) playlist file in a music storage folder on your device.

So for example a valid individual stream URL might look something like:


While a playlist (M3U) file might contain several such URLs which have been grouped together for easy access - possibly with display titles if desired:

#EXTINF:0,Heart - West Midlands
#EXTINF:0,Greatest Hits Radio National


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