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    Folder View isn't actually folder view

    I'll check that out. Thank you.
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    Folder View isn't actually folder view

    Thank you. I just tried that. Let's say I have a folder named Jazz which contains a dozen albums. I would like to see the folder by itself, because there are more folders. What I see now is a huge list of albums. Well, they are showed as they are listed in the folders. If I want to listen Soul, I would go to the folder Soul. Inside there might be subfolders which contains different artists. The way it is now is a complete mess lol I use since decades the same folder structure of my music collection. To gain access fast to what I want listen to I need to keep the folders. Not only the containing albums. I would really like to keep it simple a possible. Also no need for sections like Artists, songs, genres and so on. There is the option List Hierarchy. But for that I need to disable the covers. Because some folders have a cover and others not. It would be perfect when it only shows the list of folders. Like a file explorer. I used VLC for android. The only issue with VLC, it can't play tracks gapless. Edit: Actually what I want: Don't scan for music. Don't put them into a database or whatever it is. Just show the folders. Edit 2: All this stuff with covers and what not looked nice as long I had a few albums from one interpret on the SD card. After that, It's a complete mess 😀
  3. Hello I installed the pw on android. I wanted folder view. But all I see are the albums. Is there something I miss?