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Connecting Poweramp on PC with Android subsystem for Windows - connecting dns web address to open computer files to play

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I got PlayStore installed on Windows 11 with Debian using Windows subsystem for Android.  It will run Android apps directly on Windows 11 without having to reinstall every boot up.  Poweramp opens up and is functional navigating every pathway.  It won't scan the PC directly for music files or files at all in particularly.  The virtual Android phone given is a Pixel 5 virtual box.  Not bad.  The functioning is good and the menus and directories run smoothly for every app tried so far.  The big problem with Poweramp is there is no way to connect the PC hard drives directly.  The Pixel 5 just reads no storage but there is a Windows folder but it is not connected.  The other possibility is getting the DNS ip address to connect it to server that is directly the PC ipv4 directly.  They also offered a version of ipv6 but don't think it will make a difference between the two - they just need a connection to access the DNS folder directory.

I am looking for people with Poweramp Player who already have a solution how to access the PC hard drives.  I don't really want a lot of speculation but am willing to answer legitimate questions relating to the matter if they really matter about operating Poweramp.

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As far as I know, WSA uses a dedicated storage location that is sandboxed and completely isolated from normal Windows storage. You'd need to copy any files that you want it to access into that dedicated storage area.

However recent updates to WSA are meant to now provide limited access to content to some subfolders in your C:\Users\<username>\ personal Windows storage area, which might help:



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Poweramp is primarily for playing local music files, so you will not get a good experience by mapping the PC drive into the virtual phone.

It might be possible to use a windows junction (link) instead of copying all data into the user profile directory. Works at least with OneDrive where I have used junctions to have some additional folders copied to OneDrive.

Junctions are created in the cmd prompt.


mklink /J "c:\my music" "C:\Users\<username>\my music"

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im also using the WSA / Poweramp. i had this issue before but i found away around to select native windows folder to scan. wich was the native music folder of the windows. it works flawless.

check the scren shots, 

1. Open WSA

2. Advance Setting

3. Experimental Features : Turn On - Share User Folder

4. Select user folder (PC)

5.  Go Back to WSA System : Files : Pixel 5 : Windows : (Select the folder where your music Stored)





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