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Always resume when volume increased

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Poweramp build number:


Device models


Android versions

Android 10 / Android 13

Custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM)

Stock ROMs (MIUI 12 / MIUI 14)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Goto Settings >> Audio >> Advanced Tweaks and enable Pause/Resume on Volume
  2. Play a track
  3. Manually pause or stop the track
  4. Down the volume to zero (0)
  5. Increase the volume from zero
  6. Poweramp starts the playback which was paused manually

Expected Behaviour:

The track should only be resumed if its was previously auto-paused by Poweramp when the volume decreased to zero.


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I originally reported it as a bug since Poweramp always resume the playback whenever we increase the volume while working on any other apps too, even when the player notification wasn't visible.

As a workaround, it would be better to split this feature into two options, one for Pause and one for Resume, so we can turn on/off specific behaviour based on user need.

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The resume function when the volume level is raised from zero should only occur when Poweramp is the currently active app (or if its notification is currently being displayed). It should not happen when other apps are in the foreground, nor when the screen is off.

If it's happening at other times for you then that would appear to be bug, I can't get that to happen on my Samsung device. Unless @maxmp can already reproduce this, a logfile from PA Settings=>Get Support=>Send Log might help. Send to gpmaxmpz [at] gmail.com.


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Thinking back to when this feature was first added, I seem to recall it was intended to function even when the screen was off, but Android did not provide live volume status information to non-playing/non-current apps. My Samsung Android ROM clearly still doesn't, but maybe yours is actually behaving as originally hoped? 


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May be. I have already excluded PA from all battery optimisations and allowed to run in background.

I have also verified, playing other media player in-between does prevents the auto-resume. It looks the media listener was released from PA when other player acquired the media stream.

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