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Exclusion of specific tracks when using shuffle


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Recently added an album to my library which, despite being a 13 track album, contains 26 5-30 second long instrumental tracks at the end that each flow into each other and eventually a final secret track. They make for a great experience when listening to the album in full, however they can ruin the experience when they appear between tracks in shuffle mode given the sheer number of them.

My PC player, Musicbee, provides options to exclude specific tracks when shuffle is enabled and I'd love for this to be implemented into Poweramp as well for both the case mentioned above and other short/interlude tracks you wouldn't want to hear when shuffling your music.

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@andrewilley there are plans to make tracks "hidden" (+ mass options for hidden tracks such as deletion or unhide), but making them hidden will require selecting them and using action, that is comparable with queue/playlist. Alternative is to use rating system, so negatively rated songs are hidden (like Visualization presets may be hidden on dislike).

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