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Inconsistency on default skin transparency


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Not sure where to post this, I consider it a visual bug but if not, please move it to a more appropriate category.

Been using the default dark skin since build 978 happened, because it messed up my usual skin, and I noticed something:

The player navbar has less transparency than the other transparent elements when settled to semitransparent on the skin settings. This happens on both the light and dark skins, but on the dark skin it feels worse. I'll add 4 images (two different songs with the light and dark themes), hopefully people can notice it too.

Could also use the chance to make a request for the default skin: transparency on the pro buttons too. They really look out of place with their background totally opaque when all other elements are semitransparent.

Edit: added 2 more images, one with the dark skin on a mostly white background, and one with the light skin on a mostly dark background.

Also not sure how relevant it is in this case, but, Poweramp build-978-bundle-play, LG G7 on Android 10, Stock LG ROM







Edited by ScarletNeko
Added two more images and some build/device info
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