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  1. I would also be happy if moving all selected elements at once would be possible
  2. If I find a song in the library that I like but haven't rated yet, it would be nice to be able to rate it without interrupting the song that is currently playing. It's just a side note on my feature request. It's not a very important function.
  3. I think the goal of info/tags is to be able to see all the information that exists about a file. But info/tags is also the only option to navigate from a song in the library to for example it's genre. If I want to do that, I have to find the genre section in all that information, that I don't need when navigating through the library. One easy solution would be to bring the most needed information up to the top. That would be for example title, artist, genre, album, album artist, composer, year (and maybe folder) (All the things that you can navigate to in the library). At the moment there
  4. I would appreciate both arranging search results and seeing albums instead of songs when searching for artists. When looking up artists in the library, I get the following (image), which I personally like much better than the list of all songs I get in search results, because i can still get to all the songs quickly.
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