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Still Listing Older Audio-file After File Renamed


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Device:- Vivo Y20A

Android 11

Poweramp Build-978 (Though This Issue Is Since Latest Stable)



As in SS can be seen, 

Poweramp Is Still Listing Older File'names of Audio-files Which Are Already Renamed (And Does Not Exist Anymore), 

Ones That Are Pointed By Arrow Are New Audio-files (Showing Correct Tags Ones)

And ones that are listed below (Highlighted by Red Box) are the errored files which does not exist anymore

This issue isn't fixing by doing rescan and full rescan either, 

The only way it got fixed was I had to backup data, then reinstalling app and restoring backup.


Steps To Reproduce:-

Rename File-name of audio-file

(And that's it)



Edit:- This Might Be Occuring Because Of Bulk Renaming' Files

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Bulk renaming of a lot of files could be getting treated as a missing/unmounted storage situation, and in such cases PA may wait to see if the storage becomes available again before wiping out any related existing data (as you'd lose things like ratings, etc). I'm not sure how the current logic behaves in that situation though. Do you see the same issue if renaming just a single file or one folder? Whatever though, a FULL Rescan should fix it.


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Such issues should have been resolved by a full rescan. A reboot before the full rescan could have helped if it was a filesystem issue.

How was the bulk renaming done?

Edit: original post didn’t mention bulk.

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Still not seeing this on my device. Single file renames are handled seamlessly by the next rescan (old file vanishes, new one replaces it - although there's no visual change as it's actually the same content). Bulk renames (e.g. changing a high-level folder name so thousands of song files are suddenly not accessible) initially shows as missing content, but a simple rescan removes the old entries and shows the new versions instead.

I'm testing on a Samsung Galaxy A54, Android 14, music is on SD Card using regular Android storage access mode (i.e. not Legacy Mode).


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