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No way to play Google Drive 'available offline' files with Poweramp?


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Hello, I've been using Poweramp Pro for years and love it. I've been transferring my CDs to digital and storing them on Google Drive. I know Poweramp can't play directly from Drive. But if I make files 'available offline' in Drive, which means there are copies of the files residing on my phone, is there a way to incorporate them into Poweramp's library? I can play a single one of those files in Poweramp from Drive, but it didn't add it to the library. 

***I don't think Poweramp can do this, I just wanted to double check.***

I think I'll need to actually download the files into my music folder for Poweramp to see them. 

Thanks is advance for any help! 

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As far as I know, Google Drive's offline cache is in the /data/data/ hierarchy, which is not accessible to user apps on non-rooted devices. I think the actual filenames are internally obfuscated too.

You would need to specifically download the file to somewhere (somewhere other than the default Android 'Download' folder) for Poweramp to be able to routinely scan and add the song to its Library.


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