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Poweramp + pano scrobbler


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I am using the latest build 971-976 installed from Google play store for my android.  I have Pano scrobbler installed, and I checked off both scrobble options under settings to find my playback is not being scrobbled to last.fm.  Is Pano scrobbler compatible with Poweramp?

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If Pano Scrobbler works by scraping the contents of status bar Notifications, then as long as you have those switched on in Poweramp than I guess it ought to work.

PA does not communicate directly with that particular app via any sort of program interface (API) though, but it should work with the official Last.fm app.


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It looks like Pano scrobbler should be working with Poweramp, but it is not for me.  I believe it's an issue with my phone.  My phone recently received an update that may have caused scrobbling to break.  I uninstalled Pano and re-installed the official last.fm scrobbler.  That is not scrobbling to last.fm either with all permissions granted both on my phone and application access on last.fm.

This will eventually be resolved in time.  These issues usually are.

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