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Купил Poweramp и Murglar2. В библиотеке, при выборе папки с музыкой не вижу папок Murglar. На старых версиях программы писало, что нет доступа к system_ext, в версии uni такогоо сообщения нет, но и папок Murglar не видит. Телефон Pixel 4a, Android 13, все возможные разрешения даны приложениям. Подскажите возможно ли решить проблему?

Google Translation for English-language forum:

I bought Poweramp and Murglar2. In the library, when I select a folder with music, I don’t see the Murglar folders. On older versions of the program it wrote that there is no access to system_ext, in the uni version there is no such message, but Murglar does not see the folders either. Pixel 4a phone, Android 13, all possible permissions are given to applications. Tell me, is it possible to solve the problem?

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It would not be appropriate to discuss Murglar here, but for legitimate audio files that you own and which are stored on your own Android device, you should be able to set up access to their storage locations using PA Settings=>Library=>Music Folders. Avoid using root or system locations (such as the system "Download" folder) or folders owned by other apps (e.g. in the Android/data/ hierarchy) as these are not allowed using the default storage management tools in the latest versions of Android (although Legacy File Access Mode might help, but that won't work on Android 13+ with Play Store downloaded versions of Poweramp).


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