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Menu wording, particularly translations

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Hi maxmp, it's andrewz here, the perfectionist who bothers you in the last few weeks with Czech translation 🙂 In these days, I'm testing my first draft of the translation within the app. That means that I learn more and more about Poweramp – I'm visiting deep menus that I've never visited and try options I've never tried before.

I noticed now (I'm talking about latest beta, I'm not sure about older builds) that touch targets of these sliders (first screenshot below, sections Background Details, Background Intensity etc. in Settings -> Background) are very small. When I want to change it with my finger, I miss it in like 50 percent of cases. Could you please enlarge these touch targets?


I would also like you to ask you to increase space (by decreasing padding? or by increasing box width? or by making more lines?) for strings on the screen shown below (Main Screen -> long press on the album art or short press on the menu button). I'm especially concerned about the "Lyrics" string. In many translations (Czech: Text skladby, Polish: Tekst utworu, Danish: Sangtekster), it's much longer (+6, +6, +5 letters) and does not fit. Since the same string is also used in other places of Poweramp unrelated to specific track, making the translation shorter (and less accurate) is a no-go.


Edit: I would also like to remind this discrepancy I brought up on Crowdin, since it might be rather related to code than strings (and since Crowdin does not allow embedded images). I rather did not change anything in translation and I'm awaiting your statement.


Thanks and sorry for bothering you!

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@andrewz thanks for the reports, these are really helpful. Some fixes were added to the dev build.

As for menu label widths - menu uses lyrics_short label, which is specifically shorter and fits menu quite nice.

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20 hours ago, maxmp said:

@andrewz As for menu label widths - menu uses lyrics_short label, which is specifically shorter and fits menu quite nice.

If I'm correct, the same string from track menu (shown on my Moby's South Side screenshot) is also used in Settings –> Look and Feel. That is the problem. For Czech, translating "Lyrics" as just "Text" make sense in the first case, since it is clearly related to a specific track, but in the second case, it would be confusing and I would rather use "Text skladby" there. Making specific string for each case would also be solution, but app code would have to be changed.

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9 hours ago, maxmp said:

@andrewz lyrics_short is used for that menu only. There is just "lyrics" label which is used anywhere else: https://crowdin.com/translate/Poweramp-player/6927/enus-cs?filter=basic&value=0#635052 - this one has no length limit.

I solved it for Czech. However, I cannot fix it for other mentioned languages, since I cannot speak these. Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

The last thing that needs resolution is that song/songs discrepancy (my last screenshot). Will we go andrewilley's way?

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@maxmp Might be worth updating the wording when removing items from playlists too. Using the word Delete for list entries is easily confused with physical file deletion. Suggest using "Remove" for the list entry, and "Delete" for files.


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