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Power Amp PRO Android - I Can Not See The Micro SD Card On Power Amp App


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Library - Music Folders - Add Folder or Storage 


There I can not see the Micro SD Card.


Although I can see It on Android’s My Files app.



Android Settings - Apps - Poweramp - Permissions


There is no folder permission there?



Samsung Galaxy A73


Android Version : Latest





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You only need to click the Enable button if you want to assign the storage that way (e.g. using Legacy mode). Personally I would suggest on recent Androids to use the method I outlined in the FAQ, which is to tap the 'Add Folder or Storage' button and then use the resulting file system explorer to locate the specific folder(s) that contains your music and tap 'Use This Folder' to select them. But yes, you can also use the Enable button next to the particular storage in question if you wish, and then go through a similar selection process.


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