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I'm a loyal Poweramp user, but this one has me stumped. I just got a new phone (Motorola Edge 2022) but it came with a small (128gb and not expandable) storage and I have about 65+gb of music that I use practically every day. Now, along with the phone came a one-year free trial of Google One. In a perfect world, I'd like to move all my music files to G1 and just play them from there. It would certainly free up onboard space and keep the phone running smooth. What say you all? TIA

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Poweramp is a local file music player. To scan 65Gb of cloud-stored audio files into its music database (reading tag content from every file) would take probably hours, and rescans would be similarly slow.

It might be possible in the future to instead just crawl the folders, and display just the filenames in the music lists - but there would be no cover art or viewing/sorting by song Title, Artist, Album, etc.


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There are some but they: 1. Have own servers which download content from your storage to scan it 2. Have subscription as those servers eat money. But overall it works. Search play for cloud player.

Poweramp may go this way or even go for a better implementation if there is a demand from the user community.

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