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Pixel 5a Screen Died - Any way to recover a playlist?


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I dropped by Pixel 5a and the screen became inoperable (but I still hear sounds).  I bought a new phone (Pixel 7a) and imported my backup from Google Drive but none of the playlist data from Poweramp was restored.  I have a phone backup on my Google Drive but it appears there is no data relating to Poweramp in the backup.  Is there any way to recover a particular playlist from the old phone?  I spent a lot of time creating a playlist with the proper cadence for my running stride.  It may be gone but I thought I would ask the question here just in case I'm overlooking something.  Thanks.

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@Deneb are those playlist file based (m3u) or just plain playlists created in Poweramp? In the first case you should find them in the appropriate folders. As for the later, if you can access /data/data (or /data/user/0/, depending on your Android variant), you can try to extract/copy /data/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/databases/folders.db (/data/user/0/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/databases/folders.db) and just put this on the new phone - but this still requires access to those folders. Those are protected and not available for the direct manipulation without root.

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I don't suppose you have a remote access utility set up on your old device do you? Something like Windows Phone Link or similar third-party app? That would allow you to access the phone's user interface remotely from your computer where you could run Poweramp and create a backup file for your internal playlists. The problem is these sort of apps often require you to quickly confirm your permission for the screen to be shared (for security) which if the physical screen is completely unusable would not be possible.

I thought the automatic phone backup process was meant to include app data files - it certainly used to, as transferring to a new phone could being the old settings back in, which sometimes was not desirable if the device config was very different. Perhaps that has been disabled more recently to avoid that sort of issue?

As Max has said, if your playlists are file based (e.g. M3U) you could access them easily via a USB cable connection as long as the phone is still functioning. Also, have you ever made an 'Export Settings/Data' backup in Poweramp? If so, you should be able to copy that out via USB cable too. But otherwise, accessing the app internal data area is not possible without the device having already been rooted, even for ADB debugging access.  


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