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Questions about website version license activation

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Hello, I'm considering buying Poweramp (mainly because the combination of gapless playback, internal parametric EQ, proper ReplayGain support and inter-album shuffle is priceless) but I wonder if I can actually do so on a completely Google-free smartphone (LineageOS microG).


The reason I'm wondering is because the "Buy" page says "Email Account (Google Pop3/IMAP)", but those standards aren't from Google, so I don't know what to think... Could the exact activation process and requirements (what kind of email address, when do I need network permissions, where do I get both APKs, etc...) be explained in detail to me? Thanks.

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Thanks for the fast answer. Might you be able to describe how the Google-less v3 activation works (the big design only, I'm not trying to reverse engineer)? I'm a dev, so don't worry about technical jargon =). Does it use the filesystem to store its state?

Do I need network access at any point? What about updates (I suppose I just have to download more recent APKs)?

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The Play Store version needs a Play Store licence purchase, and thus a Google account and services. It can be installed on as many devices as you like using your Google account (fair use policy applies).

The website APK version purchase is simply validated by the email address and the ID supplied in your confirmation email, which does require Internet connection at time of install but not subsequently. You can download and install updates from the website (it's not currently automatic). You can only use the licence on one device at any given time though.


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