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i tried switching eq presets after a recent update which came with tons of new presets(i use the graphic eq), after changing the eq, i tried switching to another eq but the eq presets list was empty. i took a peek at the eq settings and realized i couldnt change the eq from graphic to parametric. 


Build Number: build-967-bundle-play [967004-988edd05]

Device Model: SM-J610FN/DS

Android Version: 10

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There is now a series of buttons along the top of the Presets list which enable / disable various options to keep the list manageable - e.g. only view Presets with assignments, graphic or parametric, view or hide AutoEQ presets, etc.

If you do view AutoEQ values, PA won't always display all 10,000+ and you should use the Search bar to narrow them down.


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