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App Crash When Adjusting the Volume

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  One of the users in Chinese Form said that when the music replayed with Hi-Res output via Bluetooth, the moment he adjusted the volume in PA, the app crashed for unknown reason. but switching the output setting to the other one,like OpenSL Output, then adjusting the volume won't trigger any issues.

  By the way, he said that when he updated the system to Android 13, the issue showed up, but nothing happened before the update has been installed. 

  Device Name: Motoedge X30, myUI5.0 based on Android 13, PA version 966

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On 7/10/2023 at 2:33 AM, maxmp said:

@Loweaul thanks for the report. The best way to fix it is try to dump the log from the Android Developer options right after the crash happens, but it can be also the firmware issue (thus, not fixable by the app).

@maxmp Well, I don't think the bug reporter can dump the log out really soon, I wonder if the log in PA could help some.

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@Loweaul Thanks for the log. Yes, the log shows the crash in android native audio track API during setVolume. This is some kind of firmware customization/issue, which is very hard to track/fix in the app (as it's very OEM/firmware specific), but hopefully I will occasionally get similar ROM on my Motorolas, or may be firmware update fixes this first.

In the meantime I would recommend trying other outputs, such as AAudio which (on the recent Androids) is on-par with Hi-Res output in
terms of hi-res support.


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