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Hi, i use Poweramp on Android and i want to know how Can i have a Real random mode of all songs ?

Because when i choose random mode in my folder music, the player play an artist's folder, next another one.

I would like play one sontgof U2, one song of stones, one song of lady gaga...

Not all album.


Can you help me please ?

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The Shuffle button is designed to shuffle whatever you are currently viewing on the screen - so that would mean randomising the series of albums, or folders, etc. So you'd hear one random folder/album in its entirity, followed by another random folder/album, etc.

You can override that behaviour to shuffle instead all of the contents of all folders and subfolders in the current Folders Hierarchy view (i.e. as one big list of contained songs, which seems to be what you want) by using: PA Settings=>Library=>Shuffle=>Shuffle All Songs in Folder Hierarchy.

For other categories such as Artist, Albums, etc. you can simply use the ' Show All xxxxx Songs' link at the top of the category view and then shuffle that long list of songs. Or you can similarly change the default higher level behaviour using PA Settings=>Library=>Shuffle=>Category Items Shuffle.

Or for just shuffling everything in your entire music collection, just use the Shuffle icon at the top of the 'All Songs' category. You can also switch to that type of playback by tapping on the Shuffle icon on the Player Screen and selecting the 'Shuffle All Available Songs' mode.


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I want listenning all songs genre "international". The player start with Bruno Mars After Alanis Morissette for example and it continue in ramdom mode only with the folder Alanis. When all songs are play, Poweramp choose an another folder in international. But i want all international songs Radom not by artists or albums. 🤔

i would listenning one songs of Bruno Mars, one of Alanis one of imagine dragons....etc

not the entire album of each artist


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Go into the particular Genre view, tap 'All Genre Songs' and then tap the shuffle icon in the header.

You can force this behaviour so it occurs from the above layer too (i.e. without tapping 'All Genre Songs' each time) by using Settings=>Library=>Shuffle=>Category Items Shuffle>Shuffle Songs, but that will affect all Category types, which may not be what you wanted to happen.


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