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Rescan not honouring my selection on SD card


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I give in one folder to scan on real SD card (by ticking the box next to /sdcard/ex_card/Music). It does a rescan and still picks up the folders told it not to!

But......when I got back to check selected folders, it has selected all the folders from the SDcard again!!

Is there a scan log or extra debug I can turn on?


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Oh great! So not only does it ignore my selected folders.....but now it now duplicates all the tracks after the rescan!

Yes I have cleared app cache, done a full rescan, re-installed Power Amp for good measure and yes I am 99.9999% sure there is only one copy of the music folder (/sdcard/ex_sdcard/music/)!


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OK seem to have got to the bottom of it!

Posted a bug...


"But after much hair pulling I noticed the SDcard hierarchy was duplicated about three times in the scan folder list! So after unselecting all of the duplicates I now works as expected!"

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Not sure about 3 times, but on most samsungs sd card has a hard link to /mnt/sdcard/sd in addition to original mount path=/mnt/external_sd. One of such paths should be unchecked in Poweramp settings => Music Folders to avoid duplicates.

Note that by default, Poweramp has only /mnt/sdcard checked and the duplications you describe can happen only if user goes and checks extra path for some reason, without knowing of samsung specifics.

External sd card on samsungs works in Poweramp 2 out of box, without need for Music Folders configuration.


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If it has a Cyanogenmod firmware on it, then this can result in the same folder effectively being scanned twice depending on the version & configuration of it. (/mnt/emmc and /sdcard/external_sd).

If the folder is explicitly specified as the _only_ folder to scan, then the only reason I can see that it might duplicate is if you've someone got a circular link in the filesystem, which would be very unusual.

I'm running a Samsung firmware, and the relevant paths I can select would be:





My music lives in the last folder, any of the previous folders being checked will cause it to get scanned twice if I have the top level /mnt/sdcard/external_sd/ link checked as well as any of those.

Remember that there's the _seperate_ section at the very bottom of the list that only applies to /mnt/sdcard/external_sd (and its subfolders) - make sure that nothing in any subfolders in here is checked.

It would be a good feature for Poweramp to display a partial checkbox if there are any detected subfolders checked further down the folder heirarchy.

It's good that Poweramp lists any detected mounts as it means that unusual systems like CM's /mnt/emmc/ is detected, as well as external USB mounts, but it does require a bit more vigilance in cases like the SGS2 which uses nested folder links to the mountpoints.

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