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  1. OK seem to have got to the bottom of it! Posted a bug... http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/2669-sd-card-listed-multiple-time-in-folder-selection/ "But after much hair pulling I noticed the SDcard hierarchy was duplicated about three times in the scan folder list! So after unselecting all of the duplicates I now works as expected!"
  2. Oh great! So not only does it ignore my selected folders.....but now it now duplicates all the tracks after the rescan! Yes I have cleared app cache, done a full rescan, re-installed Power Amp for good measure and yes I am 99.9999% sure there is only one copy of the music folder (/sdcard/ex_sdcard/music/)!
  3. Ok, thanks I worked that out now...but the second part of my post still stands!
  4. Bah! I give in one folder to scan on real SD card (by ticking the box next to /sdcard/ex_card/Music). It does a rescan and still picks up the folders told it not to! But......when I got back to check selected folders, it has selected all the folders from the SDcard again!! Is there a scan log or extra debug I can turn on?
  5. Hello, I have a SG2 with a 32GB SD card. I told Poweramp to exclude folders like Android/Data. But it only seems to honour the setting on the "fake" internal 16GB "SD card", but not the external_sd where the real SD is mounted. Any idea? Cheers Weasel
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