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  1. Seconding the blur and the mini player background question. Also, in the Material Dark color, the currently playing item in the list view almost impossible to distinguish as well. The color is almost the same as the rest of the items in the list. It would be awesome to highlight it better. Otherwise, amazing skin. Great work. Thank you.
  2. There's an option to "Show CUE disc image files" to be visible in the Folders list if you prefer to. I think it's disabled by default so the big file is hidden.
  3. Just copy the wav/flac/ape and the corresponding .cue file to the device and you will see the tracks in the library.
  4. If Direct Volume Control is not enabled, it's not enough to have flat EQ, you need to disable equalizer explicitly - make sure that EQU button is not on, i.e. that there's no line under EQU.
  5. Poweramp uses its own media scanner and doesn't honour .nomedia files. It's planned for 2.1: Planned features for Poweramp v2.1 - optional (enabled by default) support for standard android .nomedia files
  6. OK, I'm on MCR 4.0.4 (GN) which is not exactly official but very close to stock. Just figured I would share a screenshot anyways as it may be a sign of things to come.
  7. Looks like notification control uses Aluminum skin. Doesn't look great on black control background and album/artist are not readable.
  8. Maybe a .nomedia file in the desired directory in the upcoming 2.1 would work for you? Planned features for Poweramp v2.1 - optional (enabled by default) support for standard android .nomedia files - system library playlists support - support for album grabbing apps via system library album art support - google music song info - improvements for ICS (controls in notification, ICS lock screen support) - settings export/import (to/from sd card, including equ/tone presets) - advanced tag editing - rating sync'ing from/to tags
  9. I managed to download it but now it doesn't work indeed.
  10. It pauses even for gmail notification. That's fine, if you can't reproduce it, it's no big deal.
  11. Regarding Galaxy Nexus, were audio focus changes tested? I get playback always paused regardless of the settings. Stocl ROM, of course. Thx.
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