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  1. Seconding the blur and the mini player background question. Also, in the Material Dark color, the currently playing item in the list view almost impossible to distinguish as well. The color is almost the same as the rest of the items in the list. It would be awesome to highlight it better. Otherwise, amazing skin. Great work. Thank you.
  2. Don't think this is possible. How about this structure: \music\album artist\album1\ \music\album artist\album2\ Do I want album1 and album2 to be displayed as ONE album? I don't think so. How can Poweramp know that "album1" doesn't mean "CD1" in some language (if you rely on hardcoded "CD" or "Disk" as possible tokens to join albums)?
  3. Great, thank you. This may be an option in skins when they are supported. An additional request is that it'll be nice to show the current item position in the Now Playing screen. E.g. 2/14 - song 2 of 14 total.
  4. Hi, I found that I often choose which album to play based on its duration or the album year, I wonder if you could consider showing them in the album/playlist list like X10's Mediascape does? The year can be taken from the tag of the first song, for example. Thanks!
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