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Reset all "Liked Songs"

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'Liked' status (which basically means a five star rating) is stored in Poweeramp's database for each audio file. There isn't a way to clear just that information globally, but there are a few workarounds.

Probably the simplest would be to just clear the music database completely down to just one small folder with no songs and do a Full Rescan. That will result in zero songs in the database, a clean start. Then re-assign your Music Folders option back to your original music folder location(s) and PA will re-read all the files as 'new' songs without any database baggage attached. That will remove other attributes too, such as Date Added, Play Counts, etc.

A more geeky solution would be to use the fact that exporting playlists to M3U8 files includes each song's rating, and if you enable the option in Settings=>Library=>Playlists=>Import Ratings, then those values will be re-applied when the playlist is read back in again. So you'd create a playlist from the 'All Songs' category (Select 'All' songs from that category, then use '+Playlist' to make a playlist of everything, and finally export that list to a file using the Playlists Category=>(menu)=>Export). Then you can use a text editor to search-and-replace in the M3U8 file to remove any non-zero ratings (set every line to zero) and put the saved file somewhere where PA's scanner can find it and re-import it. Delete the file when finished. Clunky, but it would only change the ratings and leave everything else intact. 

The separate Music Playlist Manager app does allow editing of ratings, it might have a purge-all option too (not sure, you'd have to check).


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