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Poweramp Playlist BUG


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If the file name or path is changed, the music in the playlist, like the photo, will not be displayed and will not be played.



Playlist files .If you open the m3u8 and modify the path and name of the error music again, it will load and play normally, but if there are many songs, it is complicated to manually modify them one by one. I've tried all the re-search and music folder settings, including re-search, but it doesn't work at all, and if there is an error file in the playlist, the app will be eaten and I can't use it anymore, so I need to force shutdown.
Again, manually .It is possible to modify m3u8 files, but if you have multiple songs, everyone will not like the way you modify them manually, and I am very cumbersome and uncomfortable.
I have over 1000 songs in all.

How is it possible to automatically re-write without problems?

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A playlist is just a list of direct pointers to specific folders/files. If you change a filename or its parent folder in a file explorer, a playlisr that is looking for a specific file will no longer be able to find it.

A bit like an old index card in a physical library, if you later change the name of the book and put it on a different shelf, the card will never be able to find the old book.


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@이지린 Poweramp rescans/resolves playlist when playlist file last modified timestamps is updated (manual Rescan action in player may be also needed, if you disabled Auto Rescan option). The timestamp is normally updated if file is changed, though some software specifically do not change the timestamp for whatever reason, then only Full Rescan will pick the changes.

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@maxmp If you change the path and file name, it will load normally .If the path/file name is different in m3u8, no matter how re-navigation is, it will not be loaded automatically.

@maxmp In other words, but manually .It is inconvenient to open an m3u8 file and modify the path and filename. All methods that automatically navigate, modify, and change do not work. Is there no way other than to manually modify the path and filename?


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