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Upgrading mobile - Best DAC with Poweramp ?

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Upgrading mobile to S23 Ultra yet will be sadly forced down the external DAC dongle route 😳

I've noticed talk of Dragonfly Cobalt yet this has an old USB-A plug and many recommend adding a USB filter to cut out possible mobile charging noise. Then there's the Helm Audio Bolt with USB-C and built in cable to reduce damage if the dongle is knocked in situ.

1... Which is the best USB DAC dongle for audio quality and headphone driving ability ?. I listen to high quality FLAC files on my S10+ mobile with JVC SZ2000 and E11C headphones (say 24bit, 96Khz 2410Kb/s) and yes I notice the difference between different bit rates so utmost quality is important !.

2... How do such external DAC dongles interact with Poweramp ?. Do I get the same Poweramp controls, equaliser, preamp controls etc ?

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