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Dear Sirs: The app constantly stops and asks me to go to settings to turn off battery optimization It does this also if the phone is plugged into the charger and the setting is to not optimize battery app has a glitch Samsung galaxy A51 5G phone and 2 Google 

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Poweramp is not stopping itself, it is being stopped by Android. This is usually done by over-zealous battery or power optimisation settings, but it's strange to find three different devices doing the same thing - do you have any optimisation apps running on all three devices? Does this only happen when the screen goes to sleep, or at other times while you are actively using the app? 


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5 hours ago, Kenneth Dotsey said:

Poweramp stops intermittently on 3 different phones with a message saying to disable battery optimization settings I have done that and to no avail problem persists

Samsung devices are at the top of the list for the most aggressive use of battery optimization. There are multiple levels of restrictions and sleep agents.


What optimization apps does Samsung have?

  • Android 11: Battery optimization, Auto-optimize, Adaptive battery, Adaptive power-saving, Background restrictions, lists of Sleeping apps, Unused apps, Deep sleeping apps, Never sleeping apps
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